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Alu-tech manufactures Vehicle & Marine Windows with various configurations to suit your needs and preferences. Listed below are some basic terms and explanations.

This will provide a guideline when ordering your windows. Click for our PDF ORDER FORM


Mitred Corners

Mitred Corners are welded and square. Common applications include Marine Windows and Doors, Heavy Machinery.

Radius Corners

Radius Corners are rounded. This is achieved by bending the extrusion. Our standard radius is 70mm (cutout radius of 63mm). Applications include Motorhome Windows, Horsefloat Windows, Van Windows (LDV etc)

Single Slider (Horizontal/Side Sliding)

A Single Slider is a sliding window with one piece of fixed glass, and one piece that slides to create an opening. It has a handle throught the opening end of the application. Available in Mitred and Radius. Flyscreens available

Double Slider

A Double Slider is a Window that has both pieces of glass sliding. This enables an opening at both ends. Available in Mitred and Radius. (No flyscreen available)

Vertical Slider

A Vertical Slider has one fixed piece of glass at the bottom, and a piece of glass at the top that slides downwards. Handle is at the opening end of the glass.  Available in Mitred and Radius (No flyscreens available for Vertical Sliders)

Interior Trim Ring (Backing Ring)

An Interior Trim Ring fits on the inside of the application to finish off the interior surface. As most windows are now installed with Urethane, trim rings are optional. We can accomodate a vehicle wall thickness of upt to 50mm on request. Note: When ordering a window with a Trim Ring the window will be manufactured overall 9mm smaller in height and 11mm in width to allow for ring installation.


Flyscreens are available with most configurations, but there are exceptions. No flyscreens available for Double Sliders/Vertical Sliders or Windows ordered with Welded Bars.

Extrusion Type

10mm leg suitable for rubber installation (automotive)

20mm leg suitable for a glue in installation (automotive)

19mm leg suitlable for a glue in installation (marine/bus)


Order Sheet Tips

Measuring - Hole Size

When measuring your vehicle for windows, we ask for the "Hole Size" This is the cut out size in the vehicle that the window is to be fitted into.

Please do not provide an overall frame size.

Window Position

This is to establish which side of the vehicle the window is going on. This is very important for Sliding Windows. Please state


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