Alu-tech Vehicle & Marine Windows offer a wide range of Products suitable for Vehicle and Marine applications. All product is customized to your specific requirements.

We welcome all enquiries, we are known for our diversity and ability to produce solutions for even the most challenging of tasks.

We manufacture products including, but not limited to

We offer Radius or Mitred Corners, Aluminium and Frameless Options, and a range of Powdercoat and Glass Options. More Information may be found on the Window Info/Ordering Page.

Thickness of glass is always decided by the application it is being used in. All glass is toughned and meets NZ/AS Automotive Safety Standards and bears the Safety Stamp.

Anodising is available for those who require anodised product. This is mainly utilized for Marine Applications, protecting the metal extrusion from sea, salt, sand and weather elements, but can be used for any application.

Within those categories listed above we offer some of the following options:

Our Window Info/Ordering page offers further information on product description and ordering process.

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